going live!

Life gives us certain things, skills and insights. Who’s that bro? A 21 year old guy that likes to write about them.

My name is Nicholas, I was born and raised in Belgium by let’s say ‘normal’ parents. As a child I had various dreams, weird views on the world and I still do today. But one thing I would have never expected is that I love to write. As of 20/08/16 I took my final step thowards my dream of being a lifestyle blogger by purchasing the domain

Now you might have been asking yourself, who is this guy? Well… Some might describe me as someone that likes to shock people. I find humor in the darkest of things, darkness in the most happy events but more important I’m full of a healthy dose of sarcasm, irony and dark humor.

As I go a long this blog it will develop further, I don’t know which way this will go but I’m sure I will be having a lot of fun doing working on it.