Less is more

Living in our society we grow up with cellphones, computers, TV, … but does this truly bring happiness to your life? My answer to this is no. Yes, it can be nice to get yourself a new gadget or new clothing but we all know this is only temporarily. So where does real happiness come from?

Everyone has certain passions in life, all we can do is pursue them or stay at the place we are. Most people tend to stay in their comfort zone instead of actually risking to fail doing what they love. Having a purpose in life is gold, and people who are passionate about what they want are the people you want to surround yourself with. You don’t want to look back at your life in 20 years thinking you should have pursued that dream.

There are various way to actually achieve true happiness, for some it’s traveling for others it’s just social contact. But one thing is for sure, we cannot replace our true happiness with gadgets, money or anything that you ‘own’. In essence we’re still animals, we live through our basic instincts which are still survival, reproduction and so on. Why wouldn’t you go back to a simple life where all you need is people around you, a roof above your head and nature around you.

We’ve lived this way for ages, and for some reason it seems hard for people to go back to their roots. While I was the same way, working on farms, working with people and saying no to materialism made me find the essence of human beings, the essence of true happiness.

‘People tend to try to find happiness in materialistic things while the pure emotion and lives of other living creatures in their own way can show you what real happiness is about.’

What I mean by this, if you look around to animals, plants and any other creature you can see the minimalism in their lives. They don’t need a fancy phone, car nor computer. They’re surrounded by their own kind, living day by day just doing what they need to do. They’re ‘clean’. We as human beings can do this too. Try packing all your stuff into boxes, and for 3 weeks take what you need out of those boxes. You’ll notice that 85% of the items you possess are not Necessary.

Only if you do this you’ll notice that you can focus on other things, personal relationships, chasing your dreams such as traveling, learning to play an instrument and much more.

Go back to where you came from and you’ll see life will be simpler, that doesn’t mean easier. But at least you’re now living a fulfilling life.