Meditation, a powerful tool

About two years ago I was introduced to a powerful tool, meditation.

Why is it so powerful? It allows you to clear your mind from any thought, which in itself is the ultimate relaxation. As you start to meditate more often its effects will become stronger over time, allowing you gain a lot of energy from it.

Today I’ll be teaching you my way of meditation.

Personally I’m a big fan of what people call ‘mindfulness’, a very easy way to get into meditation! What is mindfulness? It’s focusing on all your senses, which in turn allows your mind to go completely blank. How do you do this?

It’s fairly easy! First of all find yourself a quiet spot, somewhere in a park or forest. I personally prefer nature, which allows me to focus on my senses even better. Just sit or lie down and start focussing on my breathing.

Breathe in and out at a steady pace. Relax all your muscles and become your own version of a rag doll. Start feeling the wind, feel how it touches your body. Try to focus on the smell, but don’t think about it. Experience it!

At first, all of this will seem weird. You will still be thinking a lot, but that doesn’t really matter during these first stages. Meditation takes time and patience. Even I still take up to 15 min. to get into a completely relaxed state of being.

However there is a small exercise that you can do to start this kind of meditation.
Get random items that are clean and that you can put in your mouth. Put them in front of you, grab a random item and put it in your mouth. Start to play with it and feel it for 5 minutes. Roll your tongue around it, feel its texture, its form. When you’ve done this, start focusing on its taste. Combine this with the previous step.
Finally, bite on it. Is it eatable?

This little exercise might tell your more than all previous text, simply because it’s so easy to do. I learned this during the time I was depressed and it was the only way for me to relax and calm my mind. I noticed that once your mind goes blank a heath wave of relaxation goes through your body.

You’ll regain your energy and it will allow you to focus on other things.
You feel relaxed.